Highstreet Decline Not A Problem In Bath

Why then did the following city centre businesses close their doors in Bathtub in 2011?
Several national and local retailers are likely close their doors to Bathtub this year and to follow suit. Close of the preceding were for different reasons and I have no idea all the ins and outs of each case, However if these companies had been booming would they not all nonetheless be trading? Times are very tough for retailers at the minute and there's no indication that things will improve in the not too distant future. If Bath is enduring imagine the desperation of independent stores in town's and other towns where they don't get the 4Million guests each year or where its purchasing catchment's discretionary income is below average. What can be done? Here are a few of my thoughts.
Independent retailers work collectively to identify their customers and sell them their companies and need to pool resources.
2) Retailers must review all supplier costs before every purchase to ensure they stay competitive.
3) Landlords have to share the pain with their renters and take a number of the hit on valuations and their property revenue. This requires open and transparent dialogue between landlords and occupiers.
4) The general public has to support local companies independents daytime is a start and wherever they can!
6) Retailers and their staff need to be at the highest part of their game each day with every customer.
7) Retailers must review their business plans at least one time a quarter be brutal if their business will not and to see if it remains feasible.
8) Retailers must undertake an evaluation of their property occupancy prices at least once a quarter.
9) Retail Merchants must seek out and quickly implement innovative strategies of trading. At least 6 new efficiency, cost-saving, profit creating thoughts must be executed each year.
The key Jamie McNeil is a Chartered Surveyor with fifteen years experience coping with service charge disputes and contains wide-ranging expertise in the environment up and working of service charges and guiding the UK's biggest and most successful small Business (www.migente.com) home landlords. Knowledge and the experience gained from performing for institutional funds, regional and nationwide property businesses in the creation and running of service fees, for all property types, offers invaluable insight into current landlord practices to him.

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