Marvel Contest of Champions is Fairly Fantastic

As each a mobile gamer and a Marvel fan, I’ve been eyeing Marvel Contest of Champions with an equal mix of pleasure and concern. The considered bashing my favorite champions into one another appeared promising, however as a free-to-play offering on a touch screen gadget, might a Marvel fighting recreation not only ship, but fulfill?

I’ve spent a week with the sport in it’s Canadian soft launch, and I really feel that I can safely say that Marvel Contest of Champions is exactly the game you need it to be.

Like the DC-themed Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, Marvel Contest of Champions is a simplified fighting game – but this is far from a cheap, Spidey-skinned knock-off. The two video games differ in numerous important ways. For one thing, the fights are 1-on-1 relatively than three-on-3. For another, the combat here is much more simplified than in its DC brethren. In the event you’re worried which may make things too simple, don’t worry: Contest of Champions makes up for its simplicity with speed.

Whereas Injustice would possibly feel like a weighty, considerably slower title battle between two heavy hitters, Contest of Champions tries to capture the frantic nature of games like Street Fighter (or, appropriately, Marvel vs. Capcom). So while the controls are so simple as swiping and tapping to assault, sprint, dodge and block, the struggle shall be transferring quick enough that you’ll be doing these actions at a frenzied tempo, making easy choices about when to dam and the right way to hit in fractions of a second.

The free-to-play components are surprisingly light right here, too. Power programs dictate how often you can playing in the primary campaign or PvP, however you’ll simply be able to sink half-hour right into a sitting earlier than operating into any issue. And even if you happen to do, vitality refills (like different gadgets) are handed out at a surprisingly truthful rate.

The place you’ll end up desirous to part with some money is in getting the characters themselves. Totally different heroes are unlocked at random from "crystals" you can buy – but solely in order for you to. If your affected person, again, the sport is surprisingly fair. You’ll get one character-giving crystal each 24 hours, and you’ll earn premium currency in the direction of more as you play by the one participant campaign.

The only actual disappointment is that simplified nature of the game signifies that completely different characters play virtually identically, save for his or her superpowers that may solely be used a handful of occasions in every fight. What sets your heroes aside is how well you’ve ranked them up, and how their class weighs against an opponent’s class. And sure, this implies you’ll be obsessively rating your favourite heroes up as typically as you may, and dealing towards constructing a fairly diverse team.

If first impressions are everything, Marvel Contest of Champions has made an excellent one. Will we nonetheless be loving it by the time it sees a worldwide release in December? Be sure to verify again for our full Marvel Contest of Champions review.

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