3 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Each year, over 16 million people die from cardiovascular disease, and 40% of all adult deaths are from cardiovascular disease. Although women have a tendency to have heart disease later than men do, it can be more severe and much more apt to be fatal, with additional women dying from heart disease than breast cancers.

One of the most popular proteins offered in powder form is pure whey protein. It is produced from milk, and will not contain any fat or sugars. Most bodybuilders regard becoming the top protein to consider. It offers all of the muscle mass building benefits of protein with no fat and lactose that can be found in other powders. Also, studies have shown that whey increases glutathione levels within the blood, which improves the defense mechanisms. Hamsters that have been given whey protein isolate actually increased their lifespan by 60% for that reason. So it has other beneficial effects besides body building.

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